If you would like to cancel a recurring order, we need at least a 48-hour notice before the payment has processed to try and stop it.

For help canceling your order please make that request via email godslovercs@viori.com. Please reach out to us 48 hours prior to the payment processing on your order for help with that cancelation. If the order has not been **processed** meaning your card hasn’t been charged yet, we can help cancel or edit your order, but we can’t guarantee it.

If it has already shipped (meaning it has a tracking number), we cannot stop or edit it, but we are happy to help you start the process to return for a refund or exchange if you would like. Please email your request to godslovercs@gmail.com to request an RMA# and the return address.

If you would like to change, suspend and/or cancel your subscription at any time, please contact godslovercs@gmail.com with a request